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К слову о блокаде Катара.
В декабре 2016 года они начали эксплуатировать новый порт, гигантский проект, еле-еле успели.
Сайт проекта http://www.npp.com.qa

Upd. Только вот ни хрена он пока не работает.
Новость Аль-Джазиры от 12.06. :

5:00pm Hundreds of containers on their way to Qatar from Oman

A Qatari food company owner said shipments began arriving on Sunday from Oman, and that about 12 vessels were headed to Qatar from Sohar and Salalah.

"There are around 300 containers of fresh and frozen food coming. Some have arrived and the others are on their way," Ahmed al-Khalaf said.

He said containers at Jebel Ali port of the United Arab Emirates were still stuck, but that others, including from Europe, were being diverted to Oman's ports.

The world's number 1 container line, Maersk of Denmark, said on Monday it would accept new bookings for container shipments to Qatar from Oman.

Swiss-based MSC, the world's number 2 line, said it would deploy a new dedicated shipping service to Qatar from Salalah.

В общем, контейнеры едут из портов Омана, держитесь.


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